Peter Seabrook

Software Engineer / Hospitality Consultant

About Me

Currently living in Sydney, I am a hungry junior developer always looking to learn the latest tech. I have also spent the last few years consulting in hospitality business planning and management.


I have a keen interest in general health and fitness a long with training and competing in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu.

I love to code and work on personal projects while at home also.


University of Wollongong

Computing Science, 2007 - 2009

Took two years of computer science courses before moving countries to the UK.

WSET Level 3

North Ryde TAFE, 2014

Completed this course to help progress my career in hospitality and broaden my knowledge and tasting skills.

Coder Academy

Code, Cloud & Cyber, 2020 - 2021

Currently studying this amazing course aiming to get a great internship and eventually make my way into tech and continue to persue computer science realted topics.

Self Education:

Udemy - Python Bootcamp


My intro to the python programming language.

Udemy - Advanced Scalable Flask


Took my flask knowledge to the next level learning how to deploy to the cloud and scale using heroku and AWS.

Work History

Black by Ezard - Star Casino

Bar Manager, 2012 - 2016

Worked from being a bartender to head bartender and eventually bar manager. I got diversify my skills adding waiting, kitchen and sommelier experience.

Ismaya - Jakarta, Indonesia

Group training and bars consultant, 2017

During my time here I strategised and launched their next wave of lifestyle and restaurant concepts.

PS40 - Sydney

General Manager, 2017 - Present

We have achieved a lot as a team here by recently reaching #95 bar in the world according to 50 best bars rating. During my time I have also taken an interest in building my business management/development tools in python.

Little Lamb Gastro Pub - Flordia, USA

Bar Consultant, 2020

Developed and implemented effecient working practices along with cocktail menus and staff training.

Luho - Sydney

Bar/Business Consultant, 2019 - Ongoing

Seasonal cocktail/wine list changes along with staff trainings.



Back of House

Budgeting, COGS analyss, rostering, POS programming, stocktake.

Front of House

Mentoring, team building, training, cocktail lists, wine lists, snack menus.


Front End

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, Wordpress.

Back End

Python(Flask, Pandas, Pygame, Requests), Postgres, MongoDB.



At the moment I have taken interest in trying to design and build a self heated, watering and UV lit counter top greenhouse using raspberry pi and python.

I am also an avid podcast listener some of my favourites being Joe Rogan, Ben Greenfield, Tim Ferriss, Tropical MBA and Chat with Traders.

Market participation through trading and speculation is also a hobby and have a growing interest in mechanical trading systems.


Diageo World Class Top 100 Bartenders


Capi Cup Top 8


UAEJJF National Pro 2019

2nd Place, Blue Belt, 69kg

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